Some women who are living in Mississippi may struggle more than men to pay off credit card debt. A study found that more than one-quarter of women around the country said they were not confident they would be able to pay all their bills in a month compared to 14 percent of men. Furthermore, just under one-third of women who had credit cards said they had paid the balance in full one time or less in the past six months compared to 20 percent of men.

There are a number of reasons for this. A major problem is that their median wages are 80 percent of what men make, so it takes them longer to get out of debt. Single mothers in particular struggle because they often do not make enough to make ends meet and must rely on credit. This is the case even in a time when the economy is strong and unemployment is low. Many women may also be less informed about finances than men. Women’s magazines do not tend to write about financial literacy as much as magazines aimed at men, and women’s clothing stores may encourage using credit to get discounts.

However, credit card debt is on the rise for everyone. WalletHub reports it has reached its second-highest point since the 2008 financial crisis ended.

People who are struggling with credit card debt might want to discuss debt relief options, including bankruptcy, with an attorney. Credit card debt can be discharged in a bankruptcy, but other types of debt such as student loans and child support generally cannot be. It might be possible to create a budget that helps pay off debt, or a person may be able to get a loan or consolidate the debt.

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