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Month: February 2023
How to Choose the Right Guardian

On Behalf of O’Brien Law Firm, LLC

Posted on: February 15, 2023

It can be extremely hard to transfer the responsibility of raising your children to someone else, but it is our duty to ensure our children will be in the best hands. That is why picking a legal guardian to look after the kids is necessary in case both parents die. You get plenty of time to think about who would be the best suitable option for your kids, and you can always change your mind because this decision cannot be rushed.

Not Making A Married Couple Your Priority

It is not necessary that you have to choose a married couple specifically to take care of your child because divorce can happen even among the best couples. There is always that question of whether your child will fit in with the rest of the children or not if the couple has any children of their own.

Grandparents Are Not a Great Choice

It is true that your parents did a great job raising you, but it should also be taken into account that they are old and may not be able to look after your children properly. It is also important to notice the relationship your kids share with their grandparents.

Close Family Friends

Your family friends are a better option, especially the ones having kids of the same age as your children. In this case, your children will connect easily with other children of the same age.

Taking the Opinion of Your Children

If your kids are old enough to make this decision, you can ask them whom they want to live with. You must ensure that your children have a good emotional connection with your chosen guardian.

Keep a Backup Option

If the person you chose refuses to take responsibility for your children, they can always go to their backup guardians. That is why it is very important to choose a good backup guardian for your kids in case the guardians reject the responsibility. All of these decisions would be hard to take, but every possible step should be taken to make sure that your children are in the right hands.

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What is a Bankruptcy Trustee?

On Behalf of O’Brien Law Firm, LLC

Posted on: February 15, 2023

A trustee is a person appointed by the state to put forward a person’s estate in the case of bankruptcy. The bankruptcy trustee evaluates and gives suggestions regarding the important steps that need to be taken during the bankruptcy proceedings in court.

Despite the suggestions that are made keeping in mind various debtors’ demands, the bankruptcy judge makes the final decision regarding the estate.

Responsibilities of Bankruptcy Trustee

The responsibilities of a bankruptcy trustee are different based on different types of bankruptcy. In the case of chapter 13 bankruptcy, the owner sells some of their assets to pay their debts and keep the rest for themselves. In chapter 13, bankruptcy, the debts are not discharged because the owner offers to provide a repayment plan. Individuals mostly file it with a regular income who can restructure their obligations and pay their debts over time.

Regular does not only mean wages earned through a job. It can also include self-employed individuals or unincorporated business owners. It is the trustee’s responsibility to come up with a restructuring plan to help the debtor repay their debts timely.

In the case of chapter 11 bankruptcy, the owner aims to re-emerge from bankruptcy and try to continue their operations. This type of bankruptcy is mostly filed by business owners who want to help their business function again. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is one of the most expensive ways to deal with bankruptcy.

Reorganising your business can cost you a lot. It is necessary to do thorough research and evaluation before making a plan to reorganise your business. A trustee helps you devise a plan according to your current financial standing and advices on selling the business if there is no chance of reorganising.

In the case of chapter 7 bankruptcy, a trustee liquidates the owner’s assets and repays the debts and creditors by formulating a bankruptcy plan. After paying all the essential debts, the court discharges the remaining debts if the funds gathered from liquidation are exhausted. The trustee sells all the assets and transfers them to a trust. He then pays all the valid claims accordingly.

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