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Month: May 2017
3 ways to get out of debt when it is too much

On Behalf of O’Brien Law Firm, LLC

Posted on: May 9, 2017

Millions of Americans file for bankruptcy every year because they find themselves in over their heads when it comes to debt. Some things that increase debt are out of your hands, such as overwhelming medical bills from an unexpected illness or injury, an unexpected job loss, or lack of the ability to make smart financial choices.

Debt is not limited to those who make poor choices when it comes to spending. Even those who totally prepare for the future may deal with a significant tragic event that changes the course of their lives. The following tips are ways to help you get out of debt when you find yourself in a place you cannot get out of.

1. Accept the problem and stay calm

You can stay in denial about your all-consuming debt or you can accept that you cannot do it on your own and seek help. The more you deny the problem, the worse it can get. It is easy to panic when you face the truth about your financial situation, but stay calm and rest assured that you have options.

2. Unsubscribe to emails about special deals

Online offers and discounts make it way too easy to spend without even thinking about it. If you cannot afford to buy something, remove the temptation from yourself. Stay off online websites and unsubscribe to emails that notify you about special sales.

3. Create a battle plan on three fronts

To combat your debt and determine how to deal with it, you should have a mental, emotional and financial plan. The mental and emotional stress of worrying about finances can take a serious toll on your health. Every step you take to get control of your spending and debt will lessen the load on your shoulders.

Your financial battle plan may include filing for bankruptcy if you just cannot see another way out. Bankruptcy can give you a fresh financial start when the future terrifies you. If you are tired of the worries you carry about debt, speak to an attorney right away.

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