People paying off debts in Mississippi often stop using credit cards and switch to making purchases with cash. Although this is an appropriate way to tackle debt, careful use of credit cards does help people maintain their credit ratings. Credit cards that offer reward points provide consumers with multiple advantages when paid in full every month.

An active credit card account that’s in good standing could help a person secure a low interest rate when financing a car or home. This benefit emerges after cultivating an excellent credit history on the same account over the long term.

To build a good credit history, a person should take care to not use over 30 percent of the available credit at any time. The full balance also needs to be paid on time every month. The development of a budget could help someone prevent overspending that would interfere with paying off his or her bill every month. Once a budget has been mastered, a person could then route regular expenses through the credit account in order to earn rewards. This regular monthly activity would also promote a good credit score because credit bureaus calculate scores based on the use of credit as well as the length of credit history.

A job loss or medical crisis, however, could undermine the budget of even a very careful person with good credit history. When bills start to go unpaid, interest rates and penalties add up quickly. If a resolution to financial challenges does not appear possible in the future, a person could consider tackling the problem head-on with a bankruptcy filing. An attorney could supply specific information to a person about qualifications and protection from creditors. A lawyer could also prepare the lengthy financial disclosures for the court to pursue the discharge of debts.

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