It is possible for Mississippi residents to get financing for a car while in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, the process may take longer and be more difficult than for people who are not in bankruptcy. The first step is to find a lender and dealer. If finding a lender is not possible, the next step is to look for a subprime dealership. They specifically work with lenders whose specialty is people with bad credit.

The dealer will create a buyer’s order once the terms of the loan have been agreed upon and the vehicle has been chosen. This must then be submitted to the trustee along with paperwork that includes an explanation of why the vehicle is needed. A trustee is not likely to approve a luxury vehicle, so making the right choice is important.

The information in the Motion to Incur Additional Debt that the trustee files with the court will also be sent to creditors. Creditors have the option to object, but this is not an automatic rejection. The debtor would have to attend a hearing. A debtor receives an Order to Incur Additional Debt if the court approves the loan. This then must be taken to the dealer. If the loan is not approved, a debtor can try with a different car or try again later.

Some people may be reluctant to file for bankruptcy because they are afraid it will ruin their credit. However, this is not necessarily the case. Bankruptcy does damage a person’s credit, but so does unmanageable debt, and it is possible to rebuild credit after a bankruptcy. Furthermore, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which involves creating a payment plan to repay creditors over several years, can make it possible to keep some assets such as a house.

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