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Who Is Eligible For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Have you been struggling with business or commercial debt? Are you an individual who has been told that your debt limitations are too high for? If so, you can finally put your struggle to rest. Our law firm is committed to helping individual and businesses
with addressing their debts.

Our Mississippi attorneys at O’Brien Law Firm, LLC, have more than 14 years of experience working with clients who need to file bankruptcy or address their debts through alternative means. Our law firm is known for the comprehensive
approach that we take for debt relief. We explore all of the options available for an individual or business, and we assist our clients in making the right choices to meet their goals. Another option for debt relief is Chapter 11, which is available
to individuals and businesses. Contact a Southaven Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney by calling us at 662-672-7619 or toll free at 866-934-8148.

Chapter 11 Personal Bankruptcy

Individuals who are unable to file for bankruptcy using Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, due to means test issues and debt limitations, must use Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Currently, if an individual’s unsecured debt is greater than $360,474 or secured debt greater than $1,081,399, Chapter 11 is the only bankruptcy reorganization option for him or her. While that sounds like a lot of debt, really, only one serious medical emergency can cause a family that might otherwise have qualified for Chapter 13 to use this type of bankruptcy. Many law firms do not assist in Chapter 11 filing; however, our law firm is adept at each form of bankruptcy and can guide you through the process.

Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy: Debt Restructuring

More often, Chapter 11 is used for a business that is experiencing financial distress. Chapter 11 works as an opportunity for a business to reorganize its debt. It is an opportunity to cure delinquencies, restructure secured debt and make unsecured debt manageable.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy often involves the employment of a CPA for reporting requirements. Our lawyer works closely with the CPA to collaborate on the best legal solutions for your debt.

Contact an Olive Branch Business Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are an individual or working with a business that needs representation for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, speak to a well-respected lawyer today. Contact our law firm online by filling out the form, or by calling us at 662-672-7619 or toll free at 866-934-8148.

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