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Divorce And Bankruptcy: What Happens?

Divorcing couples in financial difficulty are confronted with an agonizing choice in today’s unsteady economy — which to pursue first, the end of the marriage or a bankruptcy filing for much-needed debt relief?

In Southaven, Mississippi, and Memphis, Tennessee, the experienced bankruptcy lawyer who can advise you during this complicated time in your life is Kevin F. O’Brien, founder of O’Brien Law Firm, LLC. He has years of experience and a track record of success with a wide variety of clients seeking healthful, gradual debt relief solutions rather than problematic quick fixes.

Which Comes First — Bankruptcy Or Divorce?’

The outcome you are seeking will depend on the state of your individual and combined finances — and division of responsibilities after divorce. For example, domestic obligations such as child support and alimony are not dischargeable in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You may own a business together that will have to be valuated and divided. You may also be struggling with debt related to a mortgage, student loans, past medical bills, credit card debt, tax debt and debt secured by household goods and electronics.

Kevin F. O’Brien will listen carefully as you describe your situation and help you craft a course of action that works for you and satisfies creditors. For a consultation with our attorney, contact O’Brien Law Firm, LLC.

Mr. O’Brien‘s special focus includes practice areas of Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, alternatives to bankruptcy and skilled assistance with specific types of debt. He can also advise when the choice between incurring divorce expenses and pursuing personal bankruptcy is necessary.

Our toll-free number is 866-934-8148. You can also reach us by email message.

Kevin F. O’Brien is licensed to practice in Tennessee as well as Mississippi, in order to assist clients in the Greater Memphis area.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code