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Learn About Different Types Of Debts

Are you a candidate for bankruptcy protection who wants to file, but you are confused as to what debts can be excluded from your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 protection?

Kevin O’Brien is a skilled lawyer who can tell you which debts can be included in your bankruptcy, and which debts can be left out. O’Brien Law Firm, LLC, in Southaven, has served clients in DeSoto County for many years with sound advice on practical, lasting debt relief solutions.

Mr. O’Brien is particularly skilled and knowledgeable in assisting clients with determining the right type of debt relief for their specific situations. With a background in engineering, Mr. O’Brien is comfortable with numbers and calculating your best financial options.

What Debts Can Be Left Out Of My Bankruptcy?

  • According to federal law, possession of your home and motor vehicles are covered by what are called “property exemptions.”
  • You can also separate your credit card debt, medical debt and some tax debt.
  • Personal loans and student loans must be taken care of, apart from the bankruptcy option you choose.

Do you understand dischargeability of debt in a consumer bankruptcy? Do you want to learn more about how this may affect your specific situation?

For more information on the roles of cars, trucks, credit cards and even your home in a bankruptcy filing, contact experienced attorney Kevin F. O’Brien at O’Brien Law Firm, LLC, in Southaven, Mississippi.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.