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Debts Secured By Household Items And Electronics

Have your household appliances or electronic consumer items been declared as collateral by a lender, at a very high interest rate?

You should have skilled bankruptcy representation at this difficult time in your life. Experienced Southaven attorney Kevin F. O’Brien of O’Brien Law Firm, LLC, arms you with the facts you need about the roles of secured debt, household goods and electronics in the consumer bankruptcy you are considering.

Debt Relief Solutions

In rural areas of Mississippi, including DeSoto County, many people rely on nontraditional lenders who take possessions that a client already owns as collateral to secure a very high interest loan. In most cases, the lien on these items can be eliminated by a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy filing. If for whatever reason this strategy is not possible, the amount that has to be repaid, and the interest rate, can both be dramatically reduced in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Kevin F. O’Brien‘s sound guidance and solid support have made a positive difference in the lives of a broad range of clients for years. He founded his law office to benefit people just like you — hardworking taxpayers in financial difficulty through no fault of their own, victimized by a sagging economy or predatory lending and seeking help through federal protections.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.