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Putting A Stop To Wage Garnishment

If you have been threatened with garnishment, or your car has been repossessed, you are probably in need of an attorney to help you obtain debt relief. Often, when presented with concerns of this nature, individuals simply hope the problem will go away. There is a better way to handle your garnishment or repossession. Contact our law firm to find better resolutions for your debt.

The O’Brien Law Firm, LLC, has more than 14 years of experience finding debt relief solutions for individuals and families. Located in Southaven, our law firm handles cases in northwest Mississippi and southwest Tennessee. Contact a Southaven stop wage garnishment attorney by calling 662-672-7619 or toll free at 866-934-8148.

Addressing Garnishment

Garnishment is a way for a creditor to obtain money for bills that have gone unpaid. It is a legal action where the court allows the creditor to take money from a person’s check or bank account. Generally, to do this, your employer is notified so that the money can be garnished from your check.

If you are an individual who is already in a difficult financial situation, the consequences of having your paycheck garnished may be devastating to your already precarious situation. Our lawyer can help by assisting you in filing for bankruptcy. Not only does bankruptcy address your situation through debt relief, it will stop the garnishment.

How to Handle Repossession

Repossession of a vehicle is another challenge that individuals face when they are unable to pay their car payments. One way to address this situation is to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can stop the repossession, or, if repossession has already occurred, can allow recovery of your vehicle. However, you have to act quickly. The case must be filed within 10 days of the repossession.

The key to handling repossession and garnishments is to act early. If you are proactive, you may be able to stop garnishment or repossession before it becomes an issue.

Contact an Olive Branch Stop Repossession Attorney

If you need assistance with stopping garnishment or repossession, contact our law firm. To schedule an initial consultation, fill out the contact form online, or call us at 662-672-7619 or toll free at 866-934-8148.

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